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Vertical Garden or Green Wall Solution- What You Want to Know

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Many of us are passionate about gardening. But we often fail to fulfil this passion as we have lack of space in our house for gardening. Do you face the same problem? If yes, then let me inform you that you may use the wall of your home to create a vertical garden. Surprised? Well, don’t be. I kid you not. In these days, green walls are pretty popular throughout the world, especially in Australia. With the huge demand for green walls, several of companies have emerged that offer a high quality greening solution to retail, residential, corporate and private clients.

If you opt for the greening solution, you can have several of advantages like, keep your home or office building cool, make the residential or office area aesthetically pleasing, and absorb the sound and many more. To experience all the mentioned advantages, you may think of installing the green wall in your office or home. But before proceeding further, it is necessary for you to have a clear notion of this subject. In the following section, I have discussed the topic in minute details. You may go through this to quench your thirst for acquiring knowledge.

Different Kinds of Green Walls
Vertical garden mainly come in two categories- living walls and green facades.

  • Living Walls: These are mainly composed of integrated fabric systems or pre-vegetated panels. The adept experts install them on a frame or a structured wall. The system can support a wide variety of plant species, along with, a mixture of low shrub, ferns, edible plants, perennial flowers. 
  • Green Facades: These are the wall systems in which the climbing plants cover the designed supporting structure.  You may attach them to the existing walls to make them look visually pleasing. 

Vertical Garden and Watering
When it comes to installation of the vertical garden in Melbourne or other locations most of the homeowners, as well as industrialists, become concerned about watering the garden. Most of them think of the ways of watering them without making a mess inside the home or the workplace. Luckily the advanced technology is here to solve this problem. You may opt for the vertical garden which involves pumps, timers and sensors.

A Wide Range of Plants for the Vertical Gardening Solution
There is an extensive range of plants that you may choose for the green walls. Some of the common options include,

  • Succulents
  • Tropical plants 
  • Air plants
  • Herbs and vegetables and more

If you go through the writing, it is expected that now you know the basic of the vertical gardening solution. Do you want to know more? If yes, then you may take the help of the internet or discuss this topic with an expert who is knowledgeable enough to answer your questions.

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